Who Runs the World?


Who runs the world?


Sing it loud sister. 

Who runs the world?


Fat old rich white men. 

Fat old rich white men with an abundance of opportunity, influence and power. 

That’s who runs the world regardless of who sings Beyoncé loudly. 

International Women’s Day. Wow. What a thing to have to have in a modern civilised society. Depressing. 

Funnily enough those FORWMs (fat old rich white men, in case you weren’t sure on that acronym) don’t really want it to change. Even if they pretend they do by changing quotas in boardrooms, extending rights, etc blah blah blah. 

But there is change coming. The momentum which is so vital is growing. So much positivity is happening so it’s not right for me to moan about it. 

It’s better today to be a woman than at any time in history. As a Father to a Daughter this pleases me greatly.

But doesn’t it still feel quite depressingly slow?

I’m sure even this post will offend some. But as Stephen Fry says what is the point of being offended?

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