About us

Making more money and getting closer to customers is easy when you have the right partner. You go out of your comfort zone, create something new and work with businesses you never thought you would. And the results can be incredible. That’s The Point (.1888) of brand licensing.

Our History.

Why 1888? What does “The Point” actually mean? Who founded The Point.1888? Find the answers to these questions and lots more all about our heritage!


We like to shout about our purpose and values, and how we are changing the world. If you can’t make your own rules when you start a business then when can you.

Our Way.

We have our own way of working and we like to do things differently. Some may say it’s swagger, but to us it’s a confidence in our abilities and an unwillingness to conform to the way everyone else does things. Convention ends here.

Let us tell you a story

We believe we can help every business do more! Get in contact with us to find out how.

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