About The Point.1888

We have our own way of working that does what’s best for brands, manufacturers, retailers and consumers. Why? Because even though this industry has been around for decades, consumers want NEW THINGS.


Our brand values

We don’t do stuffy and formal. Come join the family.
Confidence? Swagger? Nah, just belief in our abilities.
Ambition & bravery
We’re going for gold. Otherwise, what’s the point?
We don't fudge numbers, blag or lie. We don’t need to.

Our Team

Will Stewart

Managing Director

George Birtchnell

Head of Business Development

Jack Allen

Brand Manager

Bethan Garton

Retail & Brand Director

Kieran Peterson

Design Executive

Ed Butler

Retail & Brand Manager

Jack Burns

Jack Burns Brand Executive

Brand Executive

Hannah Stevens

Retail & Brand Manager

Janine Richmond

Retail & Brand Manager

Olivia Wiggett

Brand Executive

Sahar Mir

Product Development Manager

Ralf Dolan

Head of HR

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