What makes The Point.1888 an ‘Inspiring Workplace’?

You may have seen on our other social platforms that we are delighted to announce we were nominated as a finalist for EMEA’s ‘Inspiring Workplaces’ Award last month.

Here at The Point.1888, we have a unique organisational culture and it’s one that we are incredibly proud of. Being nominated for awards is something that we at The Point.1888 could not be more grateful for. We have come a long way since our start-up, and therefore it feels amazing when the hard work and dedication of our team, our values and our purpose are recognised outside of our tribe.

We caught up with Will Stewart, our Managing Director and Founder of The Point.1888, to ask him what nominations such as this mean to us at The Point.1888. Here is what he had to say…

“Five years ago when we moved into our first proper office I said how crucial it was that our work environment reflected our ambition. 

It was called square point room. 5m square white walls with one small window. It was the smallest window in the world. It had frosted glass and overlooked a derelict back yard. 

One of my main focuses as a founder was to build an inspiring place for the legends that decided to join me on my crazy start up journey. 

SPR is just part of our distant history now that only 3 of the current team remember but it’s memory is certainly more valuable than James Watts red IKEA chair. 
Today we call the Fungalow our Point HQ and it’s a truly special place. It bridges the balance between working from home and working in an office perfectly. It’s our home and as family is one of our core brand values since we started it does seem very apt. 

Our family has a home. And it’s a beautiful, creative place where the team can collaborate, share war stories, make each other laugh and stay over if they need a break from their life/partner/kids/dogs/chickens. 
It’s not quite where we wanted it to be yet (covid) but we are now finally turning this wonderful place into a home where memories will be made. 

As a founder you need laser focus on the three Ps of growth. People Premises and Profit. They’re easy to remember. And premises for us is a key one. 
If your people are all 10/10s as ours are then the environment they work within needs to be a 10 too. We’re probably at an 8 currently but it will be a 10 by the 9th Dec Christmas party. 

We’ve been hugely honoured to win awards before but to win an award which reflects so much, stretching across the whole team, our mission, values, purpose and the culture we live by would be my proudest moment so far. 
We define ourselves as a true purpose enterprise. Leading with kindness, donating 11% of our profits to charity and providing a true life work balance to the legends that join us. 

We are driving outstanding change in a giant industry, have built an enviable reputation and about to explode with new launches. All achieved through the toughest 18 months of our lives. We have doubled the size of our team in the last 9 months and really focused on supporting each other as humans. We all have shit going on in our lives but the very definition of family is that you have each other’s backs. As hannah would say. You’re running into the fire but I’ve got the hose. 

An inspiring workplace is only real if it’s full of inspiring people and my team inspire me every single day. 
If you want to know why we deserve to win just speak to any one of the legends that works at the point and they will gladly chew your ear off.

To prove Will’s point, here is what some of the team has to say about why they believe The Point.1888 to be an inspiring workplace…

“Since joining The Point.1888, I’ve been blown away by all my talented and inspiring colleagues. Every member of the team truly believes in our core values of family, attitude, ambition and trust. This starts with our ultra-flexibility policy, that allows us to take control of our own role in driving the business forward. We are able to adapt, flex and deliver results that are truly inspiring.

It’s fantastic to now see this being recognised by the Inspiring Workplace Awards and know what we’re doing here is special. Our aim is to make a difference in the world, helping it to become a better place, this award is recognition that we are on track!”

– Chris Brinkworth, Marketing Manager

I’ve not been part of the team at The Point.1888 for too long, but since my first day I’ve been surrounded by so many motivated, caring and supportive colleagues. It’s honestly no surprise The Point.1888 has been nominated as one of the most inspiring workplaces! The company values are something we all live by, and it really does make it such a great team to be part of. I can’t wait to see what else The Point.1888 does to disrupt the normal, from life-work balance and ultra-flexibility. So glad to be one of the family!
Andrea Inglis, Account Manager

As you can tell, being nominated for an award, especially one such as this, means a great deal to everyone at The Point.1888. In fact, we consider it an honour, and are continually grateful for the support of people outside our team for our unique work culture and environment. We only hope we can inspire more workplaces to follow in our footsteps.

To learn more about us at The Point.1888, check out our LinkedIn page.

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