What makes a brilliant brand partnership?

Brand licensing is so much more than just slapping a well-known logo or design on a new product with the aim of making some extra cash. There’s actually a fine art to it. Careful consideration has to go into the types of products that will suit the brand’s purpose and values, and appeal to existing customers or fans.  Get that wrong by pairing an environmentally conscious brand with a range of plastic straws, or an +18 movie brand with kids’ clothing and you won’t only struggle to sell products; you’ll put your reputation at risk too.

So what are the best brand partnerships of the last few years? What is it that works? Often it’s to achieve a bigger purpose.  The super team here at Point headquarters have chosen their favourites to give you an idea of what a magical combination looks like….

Stroud Brewery, Toast Ale and Friends of the Earth created “climate-friendly” organic ale

Flour Power was described as a “modern, heavily hopped amber ale with Citra and Azacca hops for an intense citrusy aroma” and used unsold organic bread, which would otherwise have gone to waste to create the beer. What’s more, 5% of sales proceeds were donated to Friends of the Earth’s climate campaign.

Natural History Museum and FatFace collaboration

This partnership sought to get kids more interested in learning through the creation of children’s clothing printed with collections from the museum such as butterflies, dinosaurs, marine mammals and deep-sea fish. Great care was taken by both the FatFace design team and the Natural History Museum’s scientists to ensure that all educational graphics were factually correct.

Crayola and Crea – making us all more beautiful through art

Iconic childhood brand Crayola went out of its comfort zone but created a magical new range when it partnered with beauty product manufacturer, Crea. Together they created a makeup collection for adults, featuring face crayons, palettes, highlighters, and mascaras. All products looked incredibly fun and they were both vegan and cruelty free.

Why did it work? This range just made sense to the consumer as it has so many links with the core products that we all grew up with. ASOS agreed and secured the rights to stock it exclusively.

Clarks and National Geographic promoting sustainability to the young

Kids shoes are a product that is commonly involved in brand licensing, often through movie franchises or tv programmes. But, when Clarks teamed up with National Geographic, it was looking to do more than produce fun looking shoes that children would be happy to wear.

The focus for these shoes was endangered animals such as the African Leopard, the Panther Chameleon and the Poison Dart Frog, and it was inspired by National Geographic project called Photo Ark.

Not only should these shoes encourage children to think a little more about the endangered but several of the range are made from 100% recycled bottles so they’re supporting the environment too. A gorgeous range with purpose.

And last but not least, our MD’s favourite….

PIMM’S and Deurr’s celebrate British summertime

For many Brits, nothing quite marks the start of summer like a glass of PIMM’S. To spread that feeling to everyone – young and old – and ensure the flavour can be enjoyed at any time of day, the makers of PIMM’S came up with the genius idea of partnering with England’s oldest family-owned jam maker to create a special preservative flavoured just like the famous tipple.

The special edition Strawberry, Tangerine and Mint flavoured preserve launched a few months ag o in supermarkets across the country and is hoped will give us all that lovely summer feeling all year round. Cheers!

Are there any brand partnerships that you admire? Is there a brand you’ve become a fan of since discovering one of their licensed products? Let us know!

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