The next generation of brand licensing: how The Point.1888 is changing the game

When talking brand licensing, the traditional model hinges on partnering brands with licensees, making products and then seeking out retailers to sell them.  

The problem with this is there’s a high risk of products not being sold.

At The Point.1888, we’ve realised that to achieve true success on a brand licensing programme, the model needs to be flipped.

Instead of approaching brands, we approach retailers. Then, by understanding what retailers think they can sell, and what they are able to market where and to whom, it becomes much easier to identify the product and partnership we need to create. We currently have 63 active retailer partnerships In place and for us this Is fundamental to our approach.

Let’s take an example: our project with John Lewis x Leon. (click to read our full case study).

Britain’s leading retailer, John Lewis, wanted a new cookware range. We identified consumers wanted other brands than the ones offered by celebrity chefs and approached Leon Restaurants. And with that, the partnership was born.

Leon is known for a healthy and diverse menu, being dubbed the healthy ‘fast food’. We recognised that Leon has a clear identity and brand loyalty, which really sets it apart from other restaurants and chefs. This made for a really successful partnership with John Lewis, also known for its good quality and creative cookware.

For more examples of why this works, talk to us.  We believe we’re not just a brand licensing agency, but a company that has a deep understanding of the retailing industry, brands, and how consumers perceive both ends. That is why we have the reputation of being the next generation of brand licensing – we are leading the change in our industry. It is no longer necessary to fish for a retailer, or to try to configure the compatibility between brand and retailer, but simply to spot gaps in the market, and fill it with the apt solutions.

Reduced risk, increased profits and three happy partners. This Is the next generation of brand licensing, and we are leading this change at The Point.1888.

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