Meet our Team… Saul Segalov

In this first new feature for our blog, we want to tell you all about our newest member of the family! Poor Saul had the tricky task of joining us just a few weeks before Brand Licensing Europe – the industry’s biggest and best trade show. He stepped in to witness every member of our team on overdrive preparing and planning for this incredible event and the start of the licensing year. Saul took it all in his stride and it feels like he has been here for years already (in a good way!), so let’s learn a little bit more about Saul.

Tell us about your role at The Point.1888-

I am responsible for supporting The Point.1888’s brand managers day to day. Having joined just a few months ago, my role Is constantly evolving and In such a rapidly growing business that adaptability is so Important and brings great variety every week. So far, I’ve had meetings with existing brands, visited factories to see products In production, participated in strategy days with the team and visited retailers on the high street to see what is filling the shop floors. My favourite part of the role Is to cement the company’s mission to help brands with purpose grow their business and change more lives.

Tell us about why you decided to step into the world of work at 18 years old-

I was offered a university place at York but when I achieved the A-level grades I needed, I decided that I wanted to start on the career ladder, further myself in work and start to make my own money, rather than go to uni. I never loved the classroom, I struggled learning in that way and feel that I have always learnt better on the job. I like to be chucked in the deep end. I have learnt more in the last two months since starting at The Point about what it is really like in work, than I would have learnt in three years at uni.  It feels like I am still in education and learning every day but making money too (for me it is win win!).

Why is licensing the industry for you?

Having been brought up around licensing – my Dad, sister and cousin are all in the industry – I have been hearing all about it round the dinner table for as long as I can remember. Then at around 17 decided that this was the industry for me, and I just had to find the right way in. I did some work experience at 17 years old at Start Licensing and this was what I needed to confirm that this is the industry I wanted to work in. I loved the buzz of it then- meeting clients and extending their brands portfolio was definitely my favourite bits from that work experience time!

Then you found The Point.1888!

The Point has such a forward thinking modern way of working. It has a young, fast moving vibe and I love that. The whole team are constantly driving for growth and improvement, and that ambition and drive is what really attracted me. I am excited about seeing the company grow and at the same time I will be growing as well.

Any big challenges we are facing as an industry and how are The Point addressing those?

We constantly hear about retailers closing, shops reducing their shelf space, jobs being cut, consumer spending being down. It has never been harder to be seen in retail and therefore we have to work smarter. That is what we are focused on at The Point. There are and always will be consumers ready to buy, it’s about ensuring that the products we create are the ones that consumers want. It’s brilliant fun being involved in that from start to finish.

What are you excited about in 2020!

I am so excited about the brands that we can’t yet talk about but will soon be able to announce!  That will make 2020 so different and interesting for us. I can’t way to grow alongside The Point and all my colleagues as we really do approach what will be the biggest year ever for the business and for me personally.

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