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This week we have another ‘Meet our Team’ post for our blog readers. This is our favourite blog feature as we get to showcase our amazing team and learn more about their lives. The family (or tribe as they are known) that we have here at The Point.1888 we believe is what makes us successful and unique, so of course we love sharing with the world our team’s talents, to give them the recognition they deserve!

For this week’s post we are hearing from a member of our team who has now been with us at The Point.1888 since November 2020.

Meet Ellen Fazakerley, our fabulous Marketing Executive.

The quote above Ellen’s head in this photo rings true for her, ‘Sometimes the best way to fit in is to stand out’. Ellen truly stands out from the crowd with her lovely personality and unique eye for marketing, and as a result, she fits into our team here at The Point.1888 perfectly! Aside from working on all things marketing for our brands, Ellen focuses heavily on social content for our clients at Story.1888 and has recently been working on new video content for The Point.1888, something which we are all very excited about. With a Psychology degree and an abundance of marketing experience from previous roles, Ellen has a unique set of skills that have only enhanced our marketing team here at The Point.

We decided to catch up with her this week and learn a little bit more about all things Ellen! Here’s what she had to say…

Ellen, what is it about the licensing industry that you love?

In my short time at The Point, I have really enjoyed learning about the world of licensing, a world that I didn’t know much about until I started working here. I just love how varied this industry is. The range of clients we work with and the projects we work on means that every day is different and never boring. Also, the amount of amazingly creative people in the team here is super inspiring.

It was more The Point itself that led me into licensing though. Brand licensing wasn’t an area I really had any knowledge about a few months ago, and it was the company that drove me into working in this industry rather than the industry itself. I’m so glad it did though! We’re just so different to other licensing agencies and I really like the way we do things here at The Point.

How are you finding your move to The Point.1888?

I have been absolutely loving my first few months at The Point. Although starting a new job during a pandemic hasn’t been the easiest, having to learn about a new company and role completely virtually, my managers Sarah and Martin have been amazing, assisting me with anything I could ever need and everyone else in the team has been so welcoming. I’m learning a lot here, and I’m super excited for what this next year will bring!

What might we find you doing in your spare time?

In my spare time, pre-COVID, I loved going to the gym, going for dinner with my friends and although I don’t get to go too often, I love going to the theatre. I’m so excited now that these things are slowly beginning to return and I can go to the gym and so out with my friends again. In a COVID world though, I did switch to running a lot, which I have always hated but have forced myself into enjoying. I’ve also gotten super into baking this past year; so gyms reopening again has come just in time, before this new hobby got out of hand!

What are you excited about for 2021?

We’ve got some really amazing stuff in the works this year with all our brands, so I’m really excited about all the opportunities my new role will bring. I’m also really looking forward to being able to spend more time with the team when restrictions lift, as being a newer member of the team I haven’t been able to meet people as often as I would like over the last few months.

Like everyone, I really hope I’ll be able to spend more quality time with family and friends this year, it’s so exciting to finally be able to get to the pub hahah! It would also be amazing if we got to travel somewhere (anywhere) this year as well, I’m really starting to feel the urge to go somewhere new! 

What I’m most excited about though, is my boyfriend Tom and I have recently bought our first house and hope to move in very soon, so that is pretty big for me! Bring on the house renovations and furniture buying!

I’m sure you’ll agree, Ellen is a shining star in our team, and a wonderful person all round. If you want to hear more about Ellen or have any questions for her, head over to her LinkedIn.

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