Meet our Team…Carrie Sharland!

We are back this week for you all with another ‘Meet our Team’ post but this week we are introducing you to a member of our team who has been with us for over 2 years now and brings so much to our work here at The Point.1888.

Meet Carrie Sharland, our amazing Product Development Manager. 

Carrie is incredible and always seems to be working 100 miles an hour to work on the creation of fabulous new products for our brands. When you see a product launch that we have worked on, Carrie will most likely have been the brains and power behind the product development! With a new team surrounding her it is an exciting time for us, Carrie and her team to see what they will produce this year. We know she is very excited about the new products they have in the pipeline for our brands so we thought it only fitting to catch up with Carrie and learn more about where it all started for her, her amazing career and her life outside The Point.  

Here’s what she had to say…

Carrie, Tell us a bit more about your career to date? 

As many in the industry I kind of fell into licensing and never looked back. I went for a job as an approval’s assistant in an apparel company and I honestly think I got the job because I said I was organised. To prove my point, I went on to explain how I had already done my Christmas shopping and it was wrapped… My interview was in the beginning of October! Hehe. 

After 5 years in this company however I got itchy feet and started to look at my options. I had always worked in apparel so was unsure where to make a change, but I knew I wanted a change of direction and started to apply for roles at entry level Product Development. I landed a job at TLC (now known as CAA-GBG), a world leading brand management agency and fell in love with the agency life from the word go! 

It was a great step in the right direction for me in my career. I got exposure to amazing brands across every product you could imagine, the only downside was that it was 3-4hr commute a day. During my time at TLC, I had moved to Essex to be closer to my family and had also had a baby, so travelling into London wasn’t a sustainable long-term plan for my new family life. Luckily for me, there was an amazing agency that was 10 minutes from where I lived, and they were hiring. Took a punt and the rest is history! Best decision I have ever made.

What is it about the licensing industry that you love?

I love that the brand licensing is a community, not just an industry. I also love that licensing is around everyone all the time, but without fully knowing what it is they just don’t realise it. I feel like when you find out what licensing is, it is like you are in a secret club! Heheh

Tell us the best bit about working at The Point.1888? 

I have never worked somewhere before where the team is so supportive and that for me has to be the best part about working at The Point.  I have found since working here, that feeling appreciated and valued within every aspect of your life, including the workplace is so underrated. I only wish more people could experience that feeling of being valued and appreciated in the workplace because I truly believe that it has been a game changer for my motivation and drive, and I believe it could be for everyone.

What might we find you doing in your spare time?

When I’m not in full-on mum mode or getting my Mary Berry on in the kitchen and baking for my family, you would find me (in a normal world) with my friends and family making memories.

What are you excited about for 2021? 

We are working on some amazing brands this year and have some incredible ideas in the pipeline so I can’t wait to see what products are in store this year, for all our brands!  My team is growing, and I have 2 people currently working with me now on product development, so the thought of what we can achieve now with combined knowledge, skills and more brains on board is really exciting. Bring on the rest of 2021! 

If you want to hear more from Carrie, head over to her LinkedIn . She is always happy to chat!

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