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Happy New Year to all… not quite the start to January we all hoped for and needed. But lets kick off with a blog.
This week written by our super talented Senior Commercial Manager, Janine Richmond. She can be found stalking Instagram and Pinterest, visiting retailers big and small to pick up home interior gems (pre 2020 of course) and doing a fabulous job looking after some of our most creative brands!

Let’s see what she has to say about the current trends for home improvements and decor.

This title could be taken in two ways, especially for those of us that have been in lockdown for months on end! But I am referring to this year’s obsession with home interiors. Spending significant time at home has driven many to invest in DIY and homeware to brighten the days.

Whether they’ve been inspired to achieve Instagram-worthy homes or have simply had more time to dedicate, customers are choosing to spend their disposable income on home décor. I am lucky to work closely with the design brands in our portfolio and it’s been encouraging to hear of their record beating sales in 2020, despite the obvious challenges.

Consumers are choosing to express their personalities with the choices they make and, in many cases, now spending more time and money on redecorating rooms than on clothes, shoes and accessories (I mean, loungewear all the way these days!). Although, you don’t need to totally change colours schemes or buy expensive furniture to make a big impact. For example, fans of both Jimbobart and Yvonne Ellen often hang the beautifully illustrated plates to create unique wall art.

The trend for bold home styling will continue into 2021, with cheery hues remaining popular. MissPrint, a design brand that produces stunning wallpaper and fabrics has continually featured in the national press, with its colourful and nostalgic patterns being recommended to readers. Yellow wallpaper has proven to be one of the best-sellers, bringing a hint of sunshine and happiness!

The talented designers within these brands meticulously hand draw at the beginning of the process and are so considerate to how each artwork will be translated into homes. The personal approach is clear throughout, from the high quality of materials selected to unexpected extras added to deliveries, such as handwritten thank you notes and bags of sweets.

Customers enjoy feeling connected to the brands they love, so the popularity of our designers has been reflected in social media followers, which has doubled during this crazy year. MissPrint receives around two million unique visits on Pinterest each month. TV exposure and Celebrity fans supported these increases – Jimbob helped create characters for the John Lewis Christmas ad; MissPrint was featured on the addictively watched The Crown and Little Mix was photographed sipping from Yvonne Ellen tea sets.

I am delighted to be creating new licensing partnerships to expand into new categories that complement their existing ranges. There is so much uncertainty at present, but we all need distractions from the big stuff. For consumers that find joy in seeing beautifully designed and produced pieces in their home, watch this space. 

If you want to chat to Janine about any of these brands then head over to her Linked In or email her 

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