From the Wax Lyrical Factory floor

Here at The Point.1888 we have some key values that we ensure run through the core of everything we do. One of these values is “attitude”, and for us that means that we do things differently. We give everything we do our full attention and like to ensure that we know as much as we possibly can – because after all what are without knowledge?

From staff induction plans and brand immersion days, to factory visits to check production of what we’ve been creating with our brands, and then ensuring we are in retail stores the day the product launches, we like to be thorough.  This is all part of our commitment to be the Next Generation of Brand Licensing.

Earlier this year we had an exciting day out to one of our licensees. Wax Lyrical. For a few months now, we’ve been working with the leading candle maker to develop some exceptional candles for brand Yvonne Ellen.

Call us strange, but everyone at The Point.1888 LOVES a factory visit, so after a few discussions about who should go, the enviable task was undertaken by our Commercial Director Bethan and Commercial Manager Janine. 

This visit marked the start of production for the new line and we couldn’t wait to get there to see them in action! Wax Lyrical is the UK’s largest home fragrance manufacturer and was established nearly 40 years ago. With manufacturing thriving, the home fragrance sector has seen substantial growth over the last decade and it really doesn’t seem to be slowing down!

Here’s Janine’s round up of the visit…..

8.30am – Bethan and I start our journey, making a very important stop for my first ever McDonalds breakfast (I know, shocker – I now realise what I’ve been missing though), to keep us fuelled for the long day ahead. We took advantage of the time in Bethan’s car/mobile office, and full on multi-tasked…did our weekly 121; held around 20 calls and caught up on emails.

11am – We reached the stunning Lake District countryside a little early, so we had a chance to look in some nearby shops; including a glass shop with a viewing platform to see glass blowing in action. So impressive to see this product being produced and it set the theme of the day before we set off on the next factory tour. It really is an honour to get to visit our licensees, from jelly pots to prints, bedding to sweets, we work with some inspirational businesses and to see first hand the love that goes into their production is so important in selecting the right businesses to work with.

12pm – Yvonne (Founder of Yvonne Ellen) arrived and once we changed into our very fetching, safety-first clothing and boots at Wax Lyrical HQ, we were given a tour of their offices; showroom and factory. Apologies for sounding like an M&S ad, but these are no ordinary candles! Dr. Will talked us through the development process in his lab; explained how each scent is carefully created and the rigorous testing that happens before product can land at the shop floor. So much thought goes into each candle and it was amazing to see the finished product coming off the production line.

2pm – Unsure whether it was all the scents making me light-headed or the McDonalds fuel running low, but I was very grateful it was time to move back to the showroom for lunch. Other members of their team joined, and we discussed product ideas and launch plans for next year. It was brilliant to hear the success that this business have seen over the last few years, amidst the constant negative press that UK manufacturing and retail gets. Home Fragrance is one industry that seems to be consistently doing well.

3.30pm – We headed to their outlet store for a quick spending spree and bought what should be a 10-year supply of candles for home, but probably more like two months based on my recent obsession with the ‘hygge’ lifestyle! Bethan and I were back in the mobile office (which smelt less like McDonalds and more like sandalwood and amber thankfully!) driving Thelma and Louise style with the beautiful Cumbrian mountains surrounding.

There is nothing quite like working on a product range from concept to then seeing it in production and now being sold for all your lucky consumers. It’s a real privilege that the Licensing Industry allows us and just one of the things we all adore about our jobs!

Check out the range over on Yvonne Ellen’s site and lots more fabulous homewares and gifts!

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