What does it take to build a good team?

Here at The Point.1888, we’re all about people. That’s one reason why we have an ultra flexible working policy for all staff to accommodate life’s little obstacles and ensure that we get the best from everyone. Overworked and overtired does not produce good work. Ever. Also “you’re only as strong as your weakest link” so not only do we make sure we’re there to help each other but we also ensure that we only hire the best of the best to join our team. That doesn’t necessarily mean lots of experience, or the most creative minds – it’s just as much about personality, drive, focus and values.  But how do we find the legends that make up The Point.1888? Through our wonderful Talent Director, Rachel Steele, of course. We took time to speak to her to find out how the process works.

– What is your role at The Point.1888?

My role as Talent Director is supporting the leadership team in finding the best people to grow the business further, looking for talented individuals who are not only brilliant at what they do, but also totally buy in to Will’s unique vision. I also deliver a development programme which includes group workshops and one to one performance coaching.

– What’s the recruitment process?

We hire people through a combination of personal recommendations and introductions, advertising and headhunting. I’m always open to having a chat with anyone interested in joining the company, and when they’re hiring I’ll usually be the first person people meet, ahead of setting up interviews with the leadership team. Throughout the interview process I’ll be on hand to help with any questions that come up, and once people are welcomed onto the team we offer ongoing performance coaching to help individuals shine in their roles.

– What’s the brief for any role at the company? Are there characteristics and attributes that are essential?

It’s a unique set up at The Point.1888, and it operates on a high level of trust, giving people the opportunity to shape the way they work. We find that this suits people who are naturally driven, self-motivated and honest.

As the licensing industry is sociable, fast paced and commercial, we find that people who enjoy meeting people and are natural networkers / relationship builders will make up a significant amount of the team, but there’s always important roles to be played by people who prefer to leave the networking to others!

This is a rapidly growing and ambitious business, which brings almost constant change and development, so it’s important that people who join are adaptable and can thrive in a company with constantly moving parts. Crucially people will need to jump on the opportunities this brings, rather than fearing the unknown.

The company is built on the intention to create positive change within the licensing industry, so original thinking, creativity and innovative problem solving are all hugely appreciated strengths.

Overall, we pride ourselves on appreciating what individuals bring to the team, and helping people to identify and work with their strengths.

– What makes The Point.1888 different to other businesses?

There are a number of businesses that innovate and create change within their chosen industry like The Point does within licensing, but very few that offer the level of freedom and independence to their employees to work in a way that suits them. I think the trust and flexibility they offer is something that really sets them apart. That, and working for one of the most inspiring and positive leaders in the industry.

– What recommendations can you give to people thinking of joining the industry?

Come and speak to me! Head over to my Linked In

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