How to make remote working more productive

Here is our point by point guide on making your own home working time super-efficient

From the beginning of The Point.1888, we have been dedicated to finding the best people to join our team regardless of where in the world they may be! This means that our staff can and always will be able to work from wherever and whenever they choose. No clocking in, no time sheets, no telling any line manager what they have been up to each day. We trust our staff to do a great job. That’s it.

We’ve been told (approximately 1,367 times) by people outside of the company that it won’t work. People won’t do a great job with that level of responsibility. But they are, and if you can’t set the rules as a start up, what is The Point?

Nearly five years in and our team is growing fast. In fact, we have doubled our head count in the last four months! Who better to give us some top tips for working from home/ cafes/ co-working spaces than our awesome team.

  • Know when you are at your best. Our very own pocket rocket Hannah finds she is most productive from 7am-1pm. She calls these her “brain power hours” and always sets her alarm early to never miss out on this time.
  • Stop with the constant notifications! For Sarah, she says it is so helpful to silence your phone and stop e-mail notifications popping up on your computer. It’s so easy to be distracted. Minimise these external distractions to ensure you really focus on the job in hand.
  • Lists, lists, lists, and a tidy work space. Treat your home working space like you would your office desk. Olivia finds if she keeps it clear of non work stuff it always makes her work faster and focus more. She is also a big fan of a list. She’s the offices very own Miss Moneypenny organising everyone’s life for them!
  • Be more Structured. There is a huge amount of research out there saying that if you work for shorter periods of time and have very regular breaks this can make you more productive. It works for Ed and he tends to tackle tasks in 30-40 minutes bursts before breaking for 5 minutes and then back to the job.
  • Pick up the phone. As Will said in his blog last week, which you can find here, his top tip for achieving the most he possibly can each day is always using the phone. One phone call is worth 1000 emails. Get yourself a headset too this makes phone calls a whole lot easier and your neck a lot less sore!
  • Create a place you want to be in. Have plants, candles, a motivational print maybe! Janine is all about ensuring her home office is a happy, calm place that she enjoys spending time in. This maximises her output and encourages her to use the space more.

We hope you have found this useful and perhaps give a few things a go and let us know what you think over on Linked In! We’d love to see your home office too so head over to Instagram and show us your pics.

For those of you who don’t know us, head to our website to find out why we are the next generation of brand licensing.

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