BLE 2018 – it’s all about the numbers

One month ago our company was truly and delicately hammered onto the map. It was our second year at our major industry trade show and a time to update everyone with the incredible year we have had.

Brand Licensing Europe is an incredibly intense 3 days and for many of our team was their first experience of this phenomenal event. It’s a big commitment for a small company and almost impossible to calculate the ROI as with most marketing expenditure but for us it is all about the numbers;

BLE 2018 - all about the numbers

Team dinner at BLE 2018
It was the first time we were together as a full team of 12 and our first night out together – everyone was very well behaved.
BLE 2018 Convention Ends Here
Convention ends here. It’s not often you get to jump off a reception desk but we don’t follow convention so why not?
BLE 2018 The Point 1888 Survivors
After three exhausting but exhilarating days – our survivors photo says it all.

BLE – it’s been emotional so far and we can’t wait for 2019.

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